I hadn’t read the press blurb on this but one listen of the sultry voice, good sounds, minimalism and swagger and I’m hooked. ‘Settle for Skin Deep’ is the new single from American/Icelandic GabyDeSpain. Tagged as ‘Indie R&B, Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Indie Pop’ this track has real sass. Loving the voice, the sparseness of the backing track (always a bold move that works well) plus attitude and darkness that befits a Loud Woman, Gaby says of the track:

Inspired by a scene in Breakfast at Tiffany’s where Holly Golightly is drunk and sullen at a strip club, I wrote ‘Settle for Skin Deep’. I’d been lonely and frustrated while dating in my 20s, I’d been having to settle for drunk hookups. So, with the sonically sultry glam from the 50s/60s, like ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone, I blended it with modern pop and a sassy, smokey, tongue-in-cheek attitude.

What’s not to like? Out now on Soundcloud, Spotify to name a few. Links to follow Gaby below.

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