EP review by Reva May

Girlpuppy (Becca Harvey) released her debut EP, Swan (Royal Mountain Records). Before the pandemic, Becca Harvey worked as a cashier at an Atlanta, Georgia bakery. The pandemic forced her out of work. Harvey went back to music under the moniker girlpuppy. 

The opening track for this EP is ‘Miniature Furniture’, which featured on the Loud Women July New Music Playlist. ‘Miniature Furniture’ is about love and travel across time zones and through the changing seasons. It is the perfect song to play on a late summer afternoon.

Harvey discusses everyday situations but takes it further with her storytelling and music that feels like a film soundtrack. The straightforward lyrics resonate with fans and first time listeners with different backgrounds. A perfect example of that is ‘As Much As I Can’. 

Two months, same sun
Different childhoods
Fake news, qanon
You’re all brainwashеd
C-section baby’s all fucked up

Fans interacted on the music video about their experiences. The standout comment was from a mother who related to the middle class aspect of the song and even the birth of her own child and difficulties after that. 


Swan closes with the heartbreaking ‘Surprise Me’, which is fitting for girlpuppy’s debut. ‘Surprise Me’ is a track that showcases her style perfectly: bittersweet and introspective. 

You can connect with girlpuppy at the following links: