Mina Okabe is an emerging talent debuting with a dreamy album, Better Days. Okabe’s diary-esque honesty and soulful voice makes her standout in the bedroom pop scene. 

‘Miss Those Days’, the lead single that accompanies the album release, is the song that sets the tone for Better Days. It’s a track that many can connect with: lost connections with friends and constant changes in everyday life. 

Okabe shares the following about ‘Miss Those Days’:

“It’s about friendship – about a close friend of mine. We used to be together all the time but one day she had to move far away and even though we promised to stay in touch everything we had just faded out and disappeared. ‘Miss Those Days’ is about everything you take for granted and the wonder of sudden change.”

Each track that follows ‘Miss Those Days’ makes you want to keep listening until then end…and then play it over again. Mina Okabe is a talent to keep up with this year and beyond. 

You can connect with Mina Okabe at the following links: