Review by Reva May

koleżanka translates to ‘colleague’, or ‘a friendly acquaintance’. Which is fitting for Kristina Moore, who stood out while moving around the male dominated scene and the bond felt with other females dealing with similar situations. The name is also a link to her Polish heritage.

Moore just released her debut album, Place Is. ‘A Mouthful’ is a beautiful start to this stellar album. It sets the tone and the listener settles in for a dreamy experience. Place Is flows perfectly and no track is skipped on this dream-pop album.

Place Is the analysis of what is home and the function of relationships in said places. Each song takes you into different situations and scenes. You can feel Moore’s range of emotions. Vignettes of Moore’s life are throughout this album. From her roots in Arizona, her current home in New York, and touring throughout the country, Moore’s ‘place’ is never static. The album itself is a place of comfort. 

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