Out now from Germany’s Izy Bandha: ‘Me & You 4now’ is the first single from forthcoming album Thin-Skinned.

“I wrote this song in a cold winter night. It was a quiet night but my thoughts they were loud. We were having a night walk at 3am as we passed a pavilion next to a graveyard. I saw a tag which said ‘ME AND YOU FOR NOW’ it just described this moment perfectly as our soft talk began to harden. We both knew our visions of the future were not compatible. This transient moment was all we had. Later on I couldn’t sleep because I was still thinking about our conversation. I started to write the lyrics in my mind and finished them the next morning on my way home taking line 52. Also it’s a self-made production. I recorded and produced the song on my own. In the music video I tried to catch the beauty and sadness of this transient moment we’re spending with someone until it’s over.”

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