Today’s track of the day comes from Dutch band 45ACIDBABIES: ‘Don’t 4get To Smile’ is a belter of a punk-pop track that’ll make you grin despite yourself.

“Don’t 4get To Smile’ is a direct answer to our latest single ‘Only Class6 From Now On.’ While ‘Class6’ was written to emphasise the fake-it-till-you-make-it-principle, where you can create your own success, ‘Don’t 4get To Smile’ underlines the exact opposite view on things. We entered a Black Mirror kind of world, where happiness and validation can only be found on the Internet. Everyone shows their best side on social media, while in real life, no one is special and we’re all glued to our phone screens 24/7. ‘’We know something is grim about this way of living. We could do something about it, but we choose to be ignorant and go with the flow, cause we’re way too small to turn things around anyway. EVERYTHING IS FINE.’’

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