Out today, tummyache‘s new single ‘DIY!!’ provides our track of the day. 1 min 38 seconds of freshly distilled punk goodness.

tummyache is the lockdown-baby project of musician Soren Bryce, who previously released pop music under her own name of a very different nature! She tells us that this new project was born of a desire to “get out all the bad songs”, and we are so here for it.

‘DIY!!’ is Bryce’s tongue-in-cheek review of the local American DIY scenes she found herself in over the past several years after departing from the record label world.

Bryce wanted toscream “I’ve been spending all my days, overworked and underpaid” as it most encapsulated what she felt toward the DIY scene, the too basic lyrics ironically highlighting which parts of it are good (it’s sense of community and release) and which parts romanticise a privileged outlook on music.

Big Menstrual Cramps (and, for the Gen X babes amongst us, Bratmobile) vibes.

There’s an album on the way too and we look forward to hearing it!

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