Review by Reva May

NYC musician Jackie Marchal’s single ‘Open Wide’ is off her upcoming debut EP, Juniper (out this Fall). ‘Open Wide’ was written during lockdown and recorded in Marchal’s bedroom. The demo of this song caught the attention of John Velasquez, who is now the producer of Juniper. Fast forward to a few months later, the EP was recorded in L.A. 

The song starts off soft and mellow and then you’re hit with a danceable beat that drives the entire song. Marchal’s rich voice pulls you in. ‘Open Wide’ is light and you can feel the uninhibited love from the lyrics. The music video (directed by William Ingalls) is beautifully framed and the juxtaposition of scenes fits perfectly for this song. ’Open Wide’ is currently on repeat and we can’t wait for the EP release.

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