We've been enormous fans of Lilith Ai's skilful lyrics and world-melting vocals for ... well for as long as we've been doing this! Lilith was one of the very first artists to play a LOUD WOMEN night, back in 2015 in a slimy cellar in Brixton. We're delighted that Lilith is coming to play our festival on 18 September, and super-delighted in the meantime that she's coming to launch her album 'Folk You Hard' this Thursday 22 July at the Lexington! It'll be the first LW gig for 16 months, and what a way to celebrate the return of gigs-as-we-know-them – Lilith Ai, Hotwax, The Dead Zoo and MIRI. Grab your ticket quick! Then get to know Lilith Ai a bit better with this 5 question interview ...

1. For people who’ve not heard you play live before, what can we expect from you at the LOUD WOMEN gig?
I’m going to be playing all new songs – from the new album! They can expect a good show. The album is all acoustic but I’l be playing some stuff on electric too. I’ve got a new amp here too! [This interview was carried out on the phone while Lilith was getting into an Uber pool from outside the amp shop.] It’s a Roland Jazz Chorus, black – it’s the one The Cure had in the 80s. 

Lilith’s new amp – fits in the back of an Uber full of strangers!

2. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

I want you to come to my gig! Everyone should be at the gig! I’m on a healing journey of life-changing-ness you know … I’m on a path of discovery. I want people to come and chill out; be seen, be acknowledged. That’s why I make music. I want people to feel valued; they’re valued by me. [I’m kinda hoping the other passengers in Lilith’s Uber pool are high-fiving her right now.]

3. If you *had* to do a cover at the gig, what cover would you choose to play?

Ah no, I don’t do covers.
[But … you know, just for instance, like someone’s got a gun to your head yeah?]
If someone had a gun to my head I would just cry! Seriously, my hands would be shaking so much I’d only be able to play like maybe Jingle Bells! That’s just D – C – G. I only really started playing guitar to accompany myself singing, and to be fair I can barely remember my own old songs let alone other people’s. My memory’s really not great!

4. Pass the mic – who are your top 3 contemporary bands/artists?

Nathan Day – he is so amazing! He makes the music and gets the sounds I wish I had! It’s like he’s gone into my brain and found the sound I want to make.

Happyness – they’re amazing as well.

Huxlii – she’s amazing and she’s playing guitar on my next single, ‘Black Cherry’ – I’m really excited about that! It’ll be the first of five singles I’ll be releasing roughly every 6 weeks from August.

5. Draw us a picture …

Here's one she drew earlier ... in fact it's the poster for our gig on Thursday. Lush huh? So lush in fact we've had some fancy poster prints made and you can buy a copy on the merch stand!