The Dead Zoo make their LOUD WOMEN debut this Thursday at the Lexington, when they join Lilith Ai, Hotwax and MIRI. Grab your tickets now! We caught up with these London lovelies for a 5 question interview ahead of the gig ...

1. For people who’ve not heard you play live before, what can we expect from you at the LOUD WOMEN gig?
I think you can expect us to be pretty excited to be actually playing to an audience again! Aside from that we’ve been working very hard to be better onstage, so hopefully some of that comes through. Our sound is very layered and quite complex in parts and we’ve been working hard to try and make sure all the elements come through to deliver that shimmering shoegazey / dreampoppy wall of noise. Our new single which we release the day after the LOUD WOMEN show is really the summation of that effort. 

2. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?
It’s really weird to be in a band that is essentially a new band despite being almost two years old. Thanks Covid. We had a pretty good start to things in the before times but the pandemic has set us and other relatively new bands back a lot so I would say please support new music and new bands as much as possible. We really need you to come and see us and follow us and support us financially right now.

3. If you *had* to do a cover at the gig, what cover would you choose to play?
We were actually doing a cover of “Mother”,  a song by 90s J-pop band Puffy (aka Puffy AmiYumi) in the before times and it became our lockdown single that we released exactly a year ago. A new cover? Personally I’d choose something by Grace Jones. Maybe “I’ve Seen that Face Before” from “Nightclubbing” which I’ve recorded before as a solo thing. I love her so much. Or “Live to Tell” by Madonna which I’ve also covered solo. A real vocal range challenge!

4. Pass the mic – who are your top 3 contemporary bands.
who are just wesome and remixed our new single, Tempalay (Japanese band featuring one of my favourite pop artists AAMMYY), Les Filles De Illighadad (an amazing Tuareg all women trio from Niger that I recently heard on the radio)

5. Draw us a picture …

Come see The Dead Zoo this Thursday 22 July at The Lexington – tickets £6 in advance