We are delighted to bring you the first listen of Paula Luna‘s new single ‘It’s (Not) Too Late’, a heartfelt pop love song, out tomorrow. Paula tells us

“I wanted the music video to be faithful to reality. I want people to really see themselves in it, to identify their own intimate moments, pain and heartbreak too. The process of falling out of love involves a lot of looking at the past, of browsing through memories both good and bad, of being brutally honest with yourself while trying to find the truth: is this really the end? Is there no turning back?”

Chilean artist Paula Luna has found a home and thrived in London’s indie/grunge scene after years of touring Latin America and the US as the front-woman of acts such as Tunacola. Her debut EP False Hopes & Expectations is out now. Catch her live in London Ion the 30th of July headlining at The Water Rats for charity (Samaritans and Young Minds) and on August 4 at The Lucky Pig, which will be an acoustic set.

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