Our video of the day today comes from Denmark’s eee gee: ‘All or Nothing’ is out today.

The song is a beautifully poignant pop folk musing on theme of self-pity and mental awakening, demonstrating some top class songwriting and a honeyed voice we could listen to all day. The video is a beautifully shot (one shot!) live performance in a church, wearing the mother of all bridesmaid dresses.

“All or Nothing is about feeling inadequate and sorry for yourself, watching everyone else succeed in life. You’re feeling paralyzed from your lack of actions, and slowly realize that you now have to work twice as hard to get where you want to be, because you’ve been snoozing your life away. It’s the unpleasant but important wake up call, the awakening from hibernation.”

“Coming from a part of the world where nearly anything is possible, I thought it would only be appropriate, especially after such a crazy year, to emphasize the privilege and luxury by wearing an impractical big princessy dress, to mock that feeling of me being stuck and feeling sorry for myself, when I basically have everything I need to survive or succeed. It’s kind of like, when you’re so in your own head, that it removes you from the real world, you might as well dwell in your privileged pigsty. There’s something comically pathetic about self-pity, if it never develops into self-knowledge, and a new drive for a new day, it’s just a useless puddle of selfish emotions. A serious party killer. When I feel lost I like to watch nature documentaries about the planet earth, it makes me feel small and humble, and ‘poof!‘ my problems get a new perspective and seem like such a trifle.”

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