by Cassie Fox

Do you remember a few weeks ago I told you that I’d written a song called ‘Reclaim These Streets’ in the aftermath of the deaths of Blessing Olusegun and Sarah Everard, and put a call out for vocal contributions? Well, the call was resoundingly answered in beautiful harmony by over 60 wonderful female and gender non-conforming vocalists (and 1 token cis man, for balance!). The solidarity and generous spirit of the DIY scene never fails to astound me. My inbox quickly filled with awesome audio and video files from all around the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe and USA. Then some household names rolled up their sleeves and jumped on board …

Meanwhile, members of Team LOUD WOMEN assembled a supergroup and remotely recorded the instruments: Charley Stone (Salad, Desperate Journalist) on lead guitar; Jen Macro (Hurtling, My Bloody Valentine) on rhythm guitar; Debbie Googe (My Bloody Valentine) on bass; and Stevie B (T-Bitch) on drums.

Some of the lead vocalists were able to attend an amazing socially distanced recording day (the studio time very kindly donated by Keith TotP of Dean Street Studios) at the beginning of April. LOUD WOMEN’s beloved photographer Keira Anee joined us to photograph and (because she’s a megastar multitasking superwoman) also video this fantastic day’s work – we’ll reveal all soon, promise!

The song was then mixed and mastered by the superb Jonathan Clayton at One Cat Studios (an absolutely enormous task – which he did for free – what an ally! Bands, book him for your next hit.)

Massive thanks too to Julia Woollams of 31% Wool for stepping up to design the single’s stunning artwork.

Another staunch ally, Dunstan Bruce (of Chumbawamba), helped me edit the song’s video. Can’t wait to show you!

Over the next week we’ll reveal all the amazing contributors to this single, ahead of the 14 May release. For now may I ask you to please pre-save the song using the link below on Spotify and Bandcamp so it’ll be with you first thing on release day!