by Cassie Fox

Patsy Stevenson – the woman the world saw forced to the ground by police at the Sarah Everard vigil at Clapham Common in March – joined the LOUD WOMEN chorus of more than 60 women and non-binary vocalists on our ‘Reclaim These Streets’ single, to be released 14 May 2021 with all proceeds to Women’s Aid.

Patsy is one of our new favourite loud women. Since being photographed at that vigil, the Physics student has been thrown into a media spotlight, falsely accused of being a “crisis actor”, and bullied and threatened on social media. All because she went to pay her respects at a vigil. Nonetheless, committed intersectional feminist Patsy is determined to help keep the volume turned up on conversations on women’s safety.

I initially reached out to Patsy on social media to let her know about the song project, hoping maybe she might give it a share. To my delighted surprise, she responded within moments, offering her voice! She told me she’d had singing training in her teens – and so we found ourselves another lead vocalist for our song, and a new friend.

photo by Keira Anee

“I wanted to join this project because I don’t know a single woman who hasn’t been sexually harassed or abused in some way throughout her life. This is a very important topic and we need to come together to elicit change.”

Patsy Stevenson

Patsy joined a group of our LOUD WOMEN vocalists for a socially-distanced recording session at Dean Street Studios at the beginning of April. It was her first time in a studio but she took to it like a natural, and her voice sounds amazing on the song … if you’d like to hear it then please pre-save the song on the link below!

We’ll be announcing more of our amazing contributors to this single over the coming week, watch this space!

Photos and video by Keira Anee.