Our track of the day comes from Gillian Heidi: ‘Waves’ is a lush indiepop start to your day. Loving those harmonies.

“I wrote waves two years ago, when I had just switched schools and was about to start high school. I had this overwhelming feeling of realizing that I wasn’t a kid anymore and my world was changing dramatically. Suddenly my life was now plagued with worry about tests and relationships and things that – things that consume you at that age, but in the long run don’t really matter. Waves was a moment of awakening for me – I was growing up. My life was no longer focused on fun and fairytales, and I was nostalgic for a simpler, easier time. Waves captures a feeling of nostalgia and pain, wishing you would’ve cherished simplistic times when they existed and wondering how you ended up where you are. I hope that this is a song that many other people can relate to, regardless of where they are in life, and that it helps them through the process of change.”

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