Today’s video of the day comes from Austin-via-Alabama’s Grace Pettis: ‘Working Woman’ is an enormous country rock power ballad celebration of working women. This is the song we all need playing in the background while we go about our days working our multiple jobs, raising our kids, finding time for our side-hustles, and playing in our bands. If ever I take up professional darts playing, I want this to be my entrance music as I step up to the oche at Lakeside. (And yes I know that comment isn’t going to travel well back to America but I stand by it!)

The single is the title track from an exciting debut album. Grace explains,

“I thought a lot about what to call this album. I tossed around a lot of different titles, pulled from lines I liked or themes the record seemed to have. But in the end, it really had to be called Working Woman because the album is not subtle. It’s about recognizing and honoring the work that women do in every space in our society. It’s about claiming our own power and place in the world. This record is about the work women do and valuing that work.”

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