Today’s video of the day is from London duo Naz & Ella, with a hard-hitting acoustic grunge ballad about the sexual harassment that is oh too familiar to so many women: ‘No (Doesn’t Mean Convince Me)’.

“There’s a level of politeness expected, particularly of women, on the receiving end of sexual harassment,” says Naz. “If you don’t follow those rules, you quickly go from being sexually appealing to being demonised, which can potentially put your safety at risk. This song is about not tolerating that behaviour and taking your power back.”

“No one should feel worried about or expect harassment during a night out,” says Ella. “No matter how you say it, no means no, and it shouldn’t be seen as playing hard to get.”

No (Doesn’t Mean Convince Me) is out on 24th March 2021 and is the second of two singles off their forthcoming EP (DE)HUMANISE. To celebrate the release of No (Doesn’t Mean Convince Me), Naz & Ella are also releasing their first music video and continue the conversation around the song’s topic on their podcast ‘Not Another DIY Music Podcast’.

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