Need some relentlessly positive, life-affirming indierock? Hell yeah do we. Out now from Austin, Texas’ Parker Woodland: ‘The World’s On Fire (and We Still Fall in Love)’, the title track of their debut EP.

“But there’s one thing I know, it’s this / opposites do coexist / and the last thing they’ll ever kill is the love.”

The band is led by songwriter/vocalist/bassist Erin Walter, a Unitarian Universalist minister and activist in the Girls Rock Camp scene.

“A big part of Parker Woodland is about creating community, everybody jumping up on stage together, grinning, flailing,” says Walter. “Having a crew to make music and art with is life-giving. I’ve always dreamed of songwriting, and something about playing with these friends, at this time, finally brought it out of me, fiercely.”

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