Out now, ‘Heady’ is the stunning new single from London/Oxford band PETSEMATARY, on Beth Shalom Records. Frontwoman Gaby-Elise says the song is about:

‘owning your gender and sexuality, but also feeling drained at times when trying to fight for it.’

Innit though. We cornered Gaby-Elise for a quick 5 question interview …

1. Tell us about Petsemetary.
Petsem started off as a solo project. I released PETSEMATARY VOLUME I a couple years ago along with my pal Luke Allmond, which was basically a bunch of really embarrassing breakup songs…Surprisingly people really liked the songs, so I asked Luke to join on bass as well as Casper Miles and Jack Kendrew to join on drums and guitar. Our songs are slightly less embarrassing now I think.

2. Tell us about Heady.
It’s about taking ownership of your body and your sexuality, and how exhausting and frustrating that entire process can be. It started off as a dreamy kinda guitar riff I kept playing over and over in my room. I’ve always been into experimenting with soundscapes and guitar sounds, so it was really cool to dig deeper into that on this track. We worked with Chris Barker of Premium Leisure who worked with us on our debut single Get Away With It. He’s an incredible songwriter from Oxford and a bloody dream to work with, and really helped us shape the sound of the track.

3. What (new/peer) artists are you most excited about/inspired by at the moment?
I’m absolutely loving Porij at the moment. They’re a four-piece from Manchester and they make this incredible jazz/RnB/experimental pop music. They cross a lot of different genres but every song is just so well crafted and amazing. Truman Dinosaur are another band who are super inspiring to me. The songwriting at the heart of their songs is just super on point, evocative and uplifting, so their stuff has been a real blessing during these depressingly weird lockdown times. 

4. What are your top 3 lockdown tips.
Honestly at this point my only advice is to just listen to every single one of your carnal desires and give in to them (within reason – no murder/crime pls). It’s so easy to become overwhelmed and feel like your life is losing meaning with everything going on at the moment so I just really think we need to listen to our minds and our bodies and be kind to ourselves. Eat the food you wanna eat, read a book, listen to music that inspires you, talk to your mates etc. Anything that’s going to spark the serotonin in your brain. Also be okay with not being okay. I still haven’t managed to nail any of those things but I’m cool with knowing that everyone else is in the same boat and that it’s all a work in progress.

5. In the Stephen King novel Pet Sematary, a grief-stricken father ill-advisedly buries his child in an animal graveyard with magical, re-animatory powers. If you could bring one dead musician back to life for 24 hours to record an album with, who would it be?
Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith for sure. They’re my favourite songwriters of all time and their music is endlessly inspiring to me. I mean I probably wouldn’t try and resurrect them on a burial ground though, especially if you know how it turns out for the guy in the novel…

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