Indiepop duo of the moment CATBEAR release today their third single of the year – ‘Who Are You?‘ – one for fans of 80s-tastic synths and catchy hooks.

We caught up with Zoe for a quick interview to find out more …

1. Tell us in your own words ‘Who are you?’
We evolved out of the band Cat Bear Tree. Initially it was a bedroom production project of mine which turned into the beginnings of CATBEAR. We just decided to have fun with music and not put any pressure on ourselves or not worry about what style it fitted into. We’ve kept our indie roots but now they’re drenched in poppy synths.

2. Tell us about the single.
‘Who Are You?’ was written and recorded in spring this year. The melody and words came to me on one of my last commutes before lockdown. I have quite a short commute so it came out kinda quickly and I had to sing it into my phone on the platform at Blackfriars station.
We always seem to write lust songs and this one is no exception! The instrumentation is quite full on and it kind of represents the intense physical feelings you have for someone in the early stages, but it’s tinged with some uncertainty as to whether they’re right and whether you know them well enough to be getting in so deep.

3. Which artists are you most excited about/inspired by at the moment?
Jenn Champion – her music videos make us want to dance around in lycra, we’ve shared the stage with Nova Twins before and they are one of the best live acts we’ve seen, Skies we’ve played with too and they’re awesome and have worked so hard going live keeping fans happy through lockdown, and Bryde because she is heartachingly fantastic.

4. What are your top 3 lockdown tips?
Having a healthy routine – I have started having a cold shower and a run every morning, I even set my alarm for 6am now. It’s a bit ridiculous how lockdown has made me feel fitter and healthier than ever! It’s been really important to keep creating – we made both this single and our last single Girl Crush during lockdown. And staying social has been really important, making sure Sarah and I keep in touch and see each other as much as possible when we’re allowed!

5. If you could be a cat or a bear, which would you choose?
Well people seem to think that I’m the cat and Sarah’s the bear. So I guess we’re stuck with those now! But we both kind of like cats and bears so that’s cool.

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