The Dorising Podcast: Episode 1 with Miss Eaves, Sam Dabb and Stevie T-Bitch

London kitchenpunx I, Doris (aka Team LOUD WOMEN) have been keeping themselves busy in lockdown with a new podcast! The Dorising Podcast features music and chat from stars of the global DIY music scene, and episode 1 is a belter: rapper Miss Eaves in Canada, talking about her new single Belly Bounce; Sam Dabb of the Music Venue Trust and owner of Le Pub in Newport; and Stevie B of T-Bitch. Hosted by Doris, Doris and Doris of I, Doris. Just over an hour of music, chat and fun – get listening!

The Dorising Podcast – episode 7 with Dunstan Bruce, Chris Fox, John Szymanski and Jon Langford The Dorising Podcast

Doris, Doris and Doris from the band I, Doris host the seventh episode of The Dorising Podcast, celebrating International Men's Day on 19 November 2020 – with guests: Dunstan Bruce (glamorous man-songstess of Chumbawamba and Interrobang‽)Chris Fox (HAB and male bassist of man-fronted band The Charlemagnes)Jon Langford (wonderman of Mekons and more); and a bonusJohn Szymanski (male guitarist and Chris Fox lookeelikee). Dorising about the manly topics of hairstyling, parenting, and the difficulty of playing guitar with stubby man-hands. With music from Chumbawamba, The Hysterics, The Men of Gwent, The Mekons, The Charlemagnes, Interrobang, plus live performance by Jon Langford and John Szymanski.

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