Review by Julie Riley of I am HER

Nice One is a slice of nonchalant genius. Already a fan of Sit Down (have you seen them live?) and their track Mothership (from their first EP, Cheap Luxe) in particular I was excited to hear about this release. Their bio on FB claims: ‘Summoning fiery garage rock with infectious energy and acid-tongued wit, Sit Down forge their own brand of art rock that borders on doom, hip hop, and everything in between’. This EP does not disappoint. They say of it that they have been sitting on these songs for a while which is weird because this 4 -tracker could easily be a journey through (some of) the various states we might be experiencing in lockdown.

Told U So is a musical journey of a track akin to the slide into the new normal of our quarantined situation. There is a sparse middle eastern intro before an electronic beat starts up, soon followed by a seething bass. Then swagger as drums come in. The layering of these elements gives an industrial sound worthy of Nine Inch Nails. The use of vocoda gives the vocals a pop/disco style of a darker hue, contrasting with shouted choruses.

Banana Split is going to be my anthem for lockdown. It sticks in your head like every classic should, it has swagger (yes, again), a filthy bass sound and overall production values that Butch Vig would envy. The lyrics are startling on point (did they really not write this right now?)  and reference the self- revaluation that all  artists  probably go through as they try to make a living through their art. However it does feel all the more poignant right now….with lines like ‘nothing like a change of pace to make you fall apart’ …’maybe that’s thing with art, you won’t now where you are going but you might find who you are’ and ’who the fuck are we if we’re not doing this’.

Promiseland could be a musical version of Milton’s Paradise Lost or Heironymous Bosch’s Hell, a perfect outburst venting visceral anger and confusion demanding we ‘get it done’.

Feel It is the therapy track to heal. Run to it, have a gong bath in it, doing whatever it does to help you cope. As the lyrics say….’scream until you feel it’.

The title of this EP is an understatement Nice One is bloody awesome, swagger-some and I highly recommend you go get you some.