Review by Julie Riley of I Am HER

Hannah says of herself that she is ‘dryly witty, autobiographical and skilled at creating melodies that will act as earworms for days’. This track evidences this in spades. It is been in. my head for many days and will remain so for many more.

Not only is this song excellent in it’s own right, but its utter sass and swagger bear all the hallmarks of being the perfect them tune to a cult classic such Killing Eve or Luther.

Hannah cites influences as wide as Nick Cave, Carpenters, Debbie Harry and Sonic Youth – varied, classic, iconic. However whatever Hannah has taken from these greats what she has put out here is all her own. In addition, not only does she write and perform this song but she records and mixes it all herself too. She is a highly competent and confident producer, unafraid to deliver near silent moments where the track and vocals are stripped back to the bare bones and is all the fuller for it. She layers in each instrument track like garlands round a Christmas tree, then the odd notes punch through and sparkle like exquisite baubles.

HRK explains that:

This track starts off as being about getting stuck in a cycle of drinking too much and being out too long, with a sort of drunken hazy style. It then becomes clear that the song is about the pain of realising that being alive isn’t like how films and fairytales made it seem, and instead the vast majority of us tend to live our entire lives just about scraping by. It ends with a semi-resolution to keep on trying.’

This is true but paradoxically the song also transports you to a Hollywood cult film where drinking too much, staying out late and being that person just scraping by IS glamorous. This is in a way mimicked by the very clever video created in lockdown. Hannah herself is an enigmatic screen goddess, wrapped in red chiffon. The other people in it are equally enigmatic characters as they each do their own dance to tell their own story. Slinky and sassy like the song.

‘I really wanna’ is indeed an Earworm and it makes you really REALLY wanna write one like it or be more like Hannah.  It has made me resolve to try.

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