Katie Wood’s single ‘Permanent Job’ is out today, and it’s our video of the day! It’s a hard relate sultry indie ballad for everyone who really doesn’t want to have to go to work tomorrow. [Hi.] Katie says:

“‘Permanent Job’ was a moment of frustration. I felt stuck doing something that I didn’t enjoy and found it hard to motivate myself to get up in the morning. The song came out pretty quickly when writing and it made sense for me to make this my debut single, considering I want to make a career out of this! If you believe in putting things out into the universe…

“When I decided to make a video I knew I wanted to incorporate some kind movement or dance that represented the mood of the song. There’s a scene in one of my favourite films ‘The Funaways’ where Dakota Fanning, as Cherie Currie, performs at a school talent show to David Bowie ‘Lady Grinning Soul’ so I spent a while choreographing this kind of weird ‘indie Macarena’ as my friends call it! inspired by that scene and once we had it down everything else kinda fell into place.”

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