Rows Arc: Some Days – video of the day

LA’s Rows Arc’s beautiful ‘Some Days’ is our video of the day. Enjoy.

Rows Arc is the band of singer/songwriter Sarah Olmsted, along with Jason Gagovski and Neeraj Kane. This track is a taster from forthcoming album ‘High on the Tide’, which they say “balances bone bearing folk melodies with the blunt sincerity of punk and hardcore.” That can surely only be a great thing. Looking forward to hearing it!

Growing up with a radio DJ father and his record collection numbering in the thousands, a foray into music would have been practically a birthright for Sarah Olmsted. But crippling stage fright and stints in other artistic disciplines (sculpture, furniture building, museum exhibit design) would quell Olmsted’s voice. Until now. Playing for the first time with a full backing band, Olmsted has breathed new life in the solitary compositions she has crafted over the course of years.

Rows Arc live:
April 19 Los Angeles, CA @ The Pit

Find Rows Arc on Facebook

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