Daniella Mason: ‘Emotional’ EP – new music


Nashville pop singer Daniella Mason launches her Emotional State EP this week, and it’s just as heavy-hitting as the title suggests.

Gut-punching content warnings needed for the topics Mason covers here, including the loss of her mother (“Morning Mourning“) and the catharsis of crying in public (“Public Places“). Inevitable tears withstanding, the music is pop perfection, with proper tunes and everything

The new record stands as one of four EPs that she’ll be releasing over the course of the next year as part of her State of Mine sound series. Each album— Emotional StatePhysical StateMental State, and Spiritual State— will explore the different parts of our humanity that we tend to suppress and have difficulty embracing.

“All of the days spent peeling away layers, breaking down walls, and coming to terms with life and loss kind of spun together into these songs, I hope I can meet many others in their sorrow, in their mourning, and also in their healing,”

Emotional State is now available via SoundCloudSpotifyApple MusicAmazonTidalDeezer, and Google Play.






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