Wolf Girl: Every Now and Then – LP review

Review by Katherine Stewart

Self-described ‘DIY Noisy Pop’ band Wola2348568604_10f Girl is on the verge of releasing brand new LP Every Now and Then (due to be released on October 19th; available for pre-order now) and we can tell you now – it’s a stonker.

The band, consisting of singer and bassist Healey, drummer Christabel, and guitarists Chris and Carl, hails from South London and released their first album, Mama’s Boy, back in 2016.  Over catchy pop melodies, their lyrics tackle sexuality, gender identity, and anxiety.  There is also the barest suggestion of a quarter-life crisis in some of their new lyrics.

Every Now and Then wastes no time, bouncing into life with Moody, one of its strongest tracks (the video for the single mainly consists of an onion massacre; make of that what you will). It’s immediately apparent that this is an album that will work brilliantly live. Moody is followed by Dream Partner, a short, swinging, 50s-style croon with reverb-drenched harmonies, which is bound to get fingers clicking and hips swaying. A barbershop rendition of this track is definitely in order.

Things get more full-on from there, with Get You, Breaking News (a slightly grungier number), Toast for Dinner and This One Summer providing more traditional poppy post-punk fare.  Samson starts slow with an endearing clean guitar sound – but if that’s not your thing, hold on before you skip to track 6 because the song contains a tense, Pixies-ish chorus that is 100% worth the wait. Album-closer Bad Weather is another stand-out track, introducing an unexpected male vocal, with guitars awash in fuzz.

The drums and vocals do seem a little low in the mix on a couple of songs and the harmonies, although perfectly in tune, a little baggy in places, but on the whole Wolf Girl has produced a brilliant second record. Roll on October 19th.

Wolf Girl’s website ~ Spotify ~  Bandcamp ~  Facebook ~  Twitter

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