Dream Nails: Vagina Police/Fascism is Coming – review

a2010029741_16review by Jelly Cleaver

I can’t say enough good things about this double A side Vagina Police/Fascism Is Coming, so I jumped at the chance to review it so that I could at least start saying some of them.

I was at the single’s launch gig at The Shacklewell Arms and got a copy of the free zine on Reproductive Justice they’d made to go with it. It’s an incredible, intersectional collection of contributions which highlight marginalised communities fighting for their rights. Their passion, honesty and sense of mission is obvious in their delivery both in the recording and as a live band, and you know that they bloody mean every word they say. Their amazing frontwoman Janey Starling manages to say “fuck you” in the funest way possible, and guitarist Anya Pearson is somehow magically able to be two very good guitarists at once, combining rhythm and lead with some mega riffs. They are the personification of girlpower and it sounds as good as you’d think it would.


Vagina Police is a proper rocker, wrapped up like a bow with a great guitar solo at the end. You should check out the video for it as well, although it’s hard to find because the powers that be at facebook keep taking it down because it has the word “vagina” in it. Fascism is Coming begins with Mimi Jasson’s sleepy indie bass line and croons of “nana 27657922_1356522484452998_4757159637541951631_nohh”, and then bursts in screaming “Fascism is Coming!”. It fantastically tears apart the mentality of “someone else will do something” which is allowing the Western world to complacently goosestep back into a very dark recess of history.

I love the way that all of Dream Nails’ lyrics get their point across as clearly as a placard at a protest, in a screaming chorus that you can already sing along to by the second time they play it. They turn a serious and overwhelming issue like fascism into something you feel like you can scream at, and then dance to, and then go and do something about.

We should obviously all be doing something in the fight for Reproductive Justice, and buying their single is a good place to start. All proceeds will go to Abortion Support Network (ASN), an all-volunteer organisation providing accommodation and financial assistance to women forced to travel from Ireland to have a safe and legal abortion.

Dream Nails: Vagina Police/Fascism is out now on Bandcamp


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