Hayley Chillcott is a singer-songwriter from Bristol, living in Brighton, and she's releasing her debut EP 'Finally Home' on 20 April 2018, with an EP launch gig the night before. We've heard it, and it's awesome. So we asked Hayley herself to talk us through each of the tracks, and she kindly obliged!


Track 1: Circles
Circles is a song I wrote two years ago in my first year of university. It’s based around the idea of meeting someone and having a brief relationship whilst caught up in the whole ‘uni lifestyle’, and how the whole experience can be overwhelming. You tend to make decisions that are centred around this new life you’re starting to lead even if they aren’t the best.

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The lyrics are some of the most honest I have written, with lines like “you don’t know me, I don’t understand where we’re at”. I had the idea of writing a really ambient song and playing it on my electric guitar which isn’t something I do often. I came up with an atmospheric guitar riff; then the vocal melody and the lyrics seemed to fall together after that.
When it came to recording this track I felt like it was the one we could have the most fun with. Although I had a vision of what I wanted it to sound like I wasn’t necessarily sure of the exact journey we would need to take to get there. After laying down my guitar and vocals we toyed around with ideas and it ended up being exactly what I envisioned.
Track 2: Better Off That Way
I wrote Better Off That Way about a year ago, unlike the other tracks on the EP this song isn’t entirely personal. The song is about being in a relationship and reaching a stage where you both aren’t happy and decide to accept your fate. I originally had the idea of it being a happy, sweet song but it actually ended up being quite sad!
The lyrics describe how it feels to be the person on the other end of the break up I guess, knowing that the other person is falling out of love with you. There was also some frustration to the other person with lines like “you’ve got me falling out of line, trying all the time and running out of words to say”.
In terms of the recording of this track I already knew that I wanted this song to remain acoustic for the EP. I feel like it’s such a personal and intimate one that if I were to start adding other instruments it would take away from that. It was really lovely to just sit and play the song as if I were playing a gig and I feel like you really get that vibe from the recording.
Track 3 – A Lot Like Home
A Lot Like Home was written most recently; it tells a story of where I am at right now. I wanted to write a song that was happy and left people feeling uplifted and reflecting on the good things in life.
Hayley Chillcott 001Weirdly the title to this track came first. It’s about feeling at peace with everything and finding ‘home’ in a person rather than a place. I’ve always loved the idea that if you were with the right person it wouldn’t matter where you were, because you could always potentially feel at home. Therefore it felt great that i was able to portray that message in the lyrics for this song.
When it came to recording this track I knew that I wanted it to have a much fuller sound. Working with a full band is something that I have always wanted to do and it definitely pushed me to work harder and learn new things. I don’t have a favourite track from the EP (because of course I love them all), but if I had to choose one I’m most proud of – this would probably be it.
Hayley Chillcott’s EP ‘Finally Home’ will be available on all digital outlets from 20 April. Catch her live 19 April in Brighton
Instagram and Twitter:  @hayleychillcott
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