guppyReview by Ella Latus Kaill

“I laughed when your dog died, it is cruel, but it’s true. Take me back, kiss my soft side. Does he love me most now that his dog is toast?”

Charly Bliss’ latest release ‘Guppy’ is overflowing with witty lyrics and anthemic choruses. The Brooklyn four-piece present ten tracks, none of them lacking a catchy hook nor great storytelling. Letters to Cleo fans will appreciate 90s power pop sound and light vocals that resonates throughout the album.

27907501_1479400415504457_3218446441324193178_oThe most obvious ear-worm is DQ (see lyrics above), a song with a wonderful melody change and a great anecdote about peeing your pants on a trampoline. This is largely representative of the atmosphere that encompasses the rest of the album; very fun, at times silly, and the perfect repetitions to sing along to. Charly Bliss’ songs seem to have a lot to do with not taking yourself too seriously and that is incredibly charming. Having said that, the album is not without heartbreak (‘I want to touch you/I want to cry’), yet the more emotional songs are perhaps the most powerful and feisty of the lot. Both sides to the album represent a cathartic experience dealing with mental health issues, learning to laugh – if that’s what helps you – and being okay with feeling your feelings. Singer Eva Hendricks does not shy away from approaching her own head-space in her lyrics; “I cry all the time, I think that it’s cool, I’m in touch with my feelings.”

The guitars are distorted and the cymbals relentless, a great compliment to Hendricks’ light and raspy vocal tone. Power chords and occasional guitar solos are accompanied by soft synth chords in the background, creating the perfect pop/rock harmony. This is an album that took three years to produce, and the strive for perfection has clearly been achieved. Despite the significant nod to 90s nostalgia, ‘Guppy’ is an album that is surely future-proof.