a4053429145_16The Baby Seals and Beverley Kills – the two best things ever to come out of Cambridge, fact – have teamed up with independent label R*E*P*E*A*T to launch a beautifully split single, ‘Venus Envy’. And it’s available on sexy orange flexi disc for those of us who love the cool touch of floppy vinyl, and download for the millennials who don’t know they’re born.

You Flexi Thing Vol 3 –  from repeatfanzine.bandcamp.com; also available from usual digital platforms.


Both bands blew our socks off at this year’s LOUD WOMEN Fest, and we hope to see much more of both of them.

The split feature’s the Seals’ ‘Vibrator’ – a feel-reeeeally-good anthem for unashamed wand-owners everywhere – and the Kills’ ‘Intimidation’ – a supercatchy pop punk banger about bullies getting their comeuppance. Both themes very close to LOUD WOMEN’s hearts!

Songwriter Kerry says of ‘Vibrator’,

‘Growing up, masturbation was always seen as such a shameful negative thing. Why? Having a tommy tank is good for you – clinically proven. Fact. End Of. Physically, mentally, emotionally – it ticks all the boxes. Why is this not celebrated?’

The Baby Seals.JPG

Of ‘Intimidation’, guitarist Kate says,

“The song is about witnessing the behaviour of someone who constantly tries to intimidate those close to them and those that live around them. It’s a true story about that, and seeing them get their comeuppance.”

bev kills press shot

Launch gig – Saturday October 21st, Blue Moon, Norfolk Street, Cambridge with sets from both bands and special guests.

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