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Soccer Mommy: ‘Collection’
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Are you ready to daydream your winter away? Why not add a slice of Soccer Mommy’s album, ‘ Collection’. Actually, screw having a slice, the whole thing is delicious!
Soccer Mommy are a three piece indie/dream pop band from Nashville who describe themselves as “chill but kinda sad bedroom-pop jams”.  I have to say I whole heartedly agree.  The album can be split into two distinct moods. First we have the slower, more minimal but rich songs like the most relatable track from the LP ‘Worn Out’, which has such sweet melodies but has great downhearted undertones. Songs for the sad but still hopeful – things aren’t ok, but they will be!

The second mood of the album is slightly lighter hearted. Listening to tracks like ‘Benedryl Dreams’ and ‘Try’ there seems to be a much more playful musicianship at hand. The compilation is comprised of lots of lovely guitar bends and sweeping whines, a bit of playing around with the rhythm. Melancholy lite.

Overall the lyrics are mostly quite literal however, with the use of layering, the rich yet gentle tones of guitar and the introverted drumming style the whole thing could be a script to a dream sequence. The effects used on the vocals allow the sweetness and innocence to shine through without it becoming saccharin, which I think can be the unfortunate case in a lot of bands of this genre lately.

Listening recommendations: on a cold day, with a hot drink, laying back and looking at the ceiling.
Alternatively: outside on a really sunny day for a casual walk.

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