review: ‘All of Me’ by Dirty Dishes

by richard archer

All of Me by Dirty Dishes(Punk Fox Records Cat No: XOF012)

The Punk Fox label is now on its twelfth single release and each one so far has been a statement of intent more immediate than any album or EP, and a potent introduction to both the artist and label.  For the most part the song choices for each single have favoured art and risk over safe and radio-friendly, but there has always been pop sensibility in the mix somewhere and this has made for a satisfying listening experience.

The satisfaction continues with New York band Dirty Dishes’ single ‘All Of Me’. It’s a tantalisingly slow crawl through quiet and contemplative verses based around a two-note pendulum-swing of a bass line into a loud and crunchy chorus with random blasts of amplifier squeal. Jenny Tuite’s breathy and sweet vocals counterbalance the swamp jam with cryptic lyrics (‘four eye smile and third eye closed, you sneak a wink at me’) on what might be an ode but I can’t be sure.

This duality helps to give the song a cosy outer layer but a thuggish core and listening to it is a bit like being punched in the ear with a sugar-coated boxing glove. Overall, it makes me think of Gary Numan’s  ‘Are Friends Electric’ as if it had just got out of bed and hadn’t really had the chance to wake up, move around the house a bit and get it’s electro-clothes on yet. And in my opinion, that’s worth owning.

Limited edition Blue vinyl single available February 2017


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