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LOUD WOMEN ‘Her’cury Music prize Shortlist announced

For this – the very first LOUD WOMEN ‘Her’cury Music Award – we’ve honoured most of the criteria of our rival, the so-called “Mercury” prize: that is, albums by British-based musicians released between 30th July 2016 and 21st July 2017 (sorry to Deux Furieuses and Crumbs, respectively).

With TWO differences: our ‘Her’cury prize doesn’t care about record formats or industry distribution, and these artists are all LOUD, all female-fronted or female-driven, or just plain all-female. From a pool of thirty options, our scientific poll of the LOUD WOMEN Team has produced this shortlist of 12, given below in alphabetical order.The winner of the ‘Her’cury Music Award will be announced at lunchtime on Thursday 14 September.


al Crimes – ‘Ceramic Cat Traces

Swansong album from Kirsty (Cat Apostrophe) Fife, Aaron Batley and Ruth Mair. Tense post-hardcore melodies in the music and subtle political undertones in the words, topped with the prolific perzine-ster’s borderline-breakdown vocals.


Desperate Journalist – ‘Grow Up’

Second album from the runaway success story of the London indie scene, pushing all your Britpop/postpunk/pop-goth/80s-indie buttons at once. Soaring vocals, chiming guitars, proper songs and all’s right/wrong with the world.



The Empty Page – ‘Unfolding’

Powerful debut from female-fronted Manc pop-grunge alt-rockers, who contributed key track ‘Deeply Unlovable’ to LOUD WOMEN’s debut compilation album. 



Honeyblood – ‘Babes Never Die’

Brilliant hook-laden grunge pop from this Glasgow duo, with every song a winner; proving that the ‘difficult second album’ is just a problem for other people.

51s5ccRZ0dL._SS500The Menstrual Cramps – ‘We’re Not Ovaryacting’

The Menstruals (well, we can’t really nickname them ‘The Cramps’) hit the ground running earlier this year with this impressive digital debut and a ridiculously-confident live debut on International Womens’ Day for Who Runs the World/LOUD WOMEN.

Nolay-1Nolay – ‘This Woman’

Latest album from the Unorthodox Daughter, and impossible to number because so many of Nolay’s releases have been mixtapes straight from the underground. No pop-grime crossover, no compromise, and no holds barred. Nolay’s definitive feminist statement.

Oh! Gunquit – ‘Lightning Likes Me’

Second album from criminally-underrated, slightly-uncategorisable (although we’re about to have a go), new-wave surf-garage trash-punks!


Pet Crow – A Simple Guide to Small and Medium Pond Life

Impressively-tuneful debut album from Derby male/female 4-piece, released on vinyl by LIINES’ label Reckless Yes. Dancey, surfy, garagey indie punk fronted by Danielle Cotterill’s powerful vocals.

Petrol Girls – ‘Talk of Violence’

Debut full-length release from probably the most powerful feminist band in the UK, known to leave audiences genuinely shocked-and-awed with a combination of rock hooks, hardcore assault and uncompromising lyrics. One of two shortlisted bands with a track on the LOUD WOMEN Volume One compilation album.

resizeSacred Paws – ‘Strike a Match’

Definitive musical statement from Rachel Aggs (Trash Kit, Golden Grrrls, Covergirl, Shopping) – possibly the UK’s greatest guitarist – combining what used to be called ‘world music’ with Postcard Records-esque post-punk funk. Scottish Album of the Year, and now LOUD WOMEN ‘Her’cury shortlist!

a4192287913_16The Tuts – ‘Update Your Brain’ 

Widely-acclaimed and long-awaited debut from one of the hardest-working DIY bands in the business, released a decade after they first formed at school. Standout newer tracks ‘Con Man’ and ‘1982’ bring the best punk-pop hooks and ‘Give Us Something Worth Voting For’ delivers the clearest message.

Layout 1
The Wharves – ‘Electa’

Second album from this all-female melodic post-everything powerhouse follows 2014’s ‘At Bay’, showcasing more of their tightly rhythmic and skilfully harmonic repertoire. https://gringorecords.bandcamp.com/album/electa


Runners up

¡Ay Carmela! – ‘Working Weeks’
Bamboo – ‘Live at Café Oto’
Deerful – ‘Peach’
Ex People – ‘Bird’
The Franklys – ‘Are You Listening?’
Feature – ‘Banishing Ritual’
Hands Off Gretel – ‘Burn the Beauty Queen’
Kamikaze Girls – ‘Seafoam’
Little Simz – ‘Stillness in Wonderland’

Grace Petrie – ‘Heart First Aid Kit’

Porridge Radio – ‘Rice, Pasta and Other Fillers’
Rattle – ‘Rattle’
Ravioli Me Away – ‘Living is a Myth’
Skinny Girl Diet – ‘Heavyflow’
Slowcoaches – ‘Nothing Gives’
Teen Canteen – ‘Say It All With a Kiss’
Kate Tempest – ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’
Young Romance – ‘Another’s Blood’


The winner will be announced at lunchtime on Thursday 14 September.
All enquiries to loudwomenclub@gmail.com



Skating Polly: UK Tour With Kate Nash and Hands Off Gretel

by  – published on Louderthanwar on 29 May 2017 

polly euro tour 2017


Skating Polly tour the UK and Europe: dates with Kate Nash and Hands Off Gretel in July/August 2017

Now this is very exciting.  One of the brightest and best new bands from the USA, Skating Polly return to the UK at the end of July.  The still ridiculously young band, made up of step-sisters Kelli and Peyton, have extended the line-up to include brother/step-brother Kurtis on drums.

Their latest EP  is called ‘ New Tricks’ and featured the talents of Nina Gordon and Louise Post from Veruca Salt. Videos for two of the songs thereon are hereabouts.

Half of the dates are with Kate Nash on her “Made of Bricks” 10th anniversary tour.  Kate has been a long time Skating Polly fan so it’s  very cool of her to pick them to support her, and they in turn are chuffed at the prospect.

The Pollys headlining dates see them linking up again with another great UK act Hands Off Gretel (currently working on their second album and seemingly never off the road.) The dates are below.

polly gretel dates

I seem to have written about Skating Polly quite a few times for Louder Than War so sod objectivity, here are the links and highlights from;

The Ged Babey / Louder Than War / Skating Polly Archives 

Support slot with Babes In Toyland reviewed 

The very special support act, Oklahoma Riot Grrrl teens Skating Polly were a huge bonus. Two step-sisters aged 15 and 18, who must be the offspring of a Riot Mom and Riot Pop, swap instruments, drums and bass and bash out an amazing racket of Bratmobile style pop.  Songs about perceptions of beauty (Ugly) and “correctional juvey” with an unapologetically sloppy & screechy attitude and joie de vivre.

The Big Fit Album Review  

The songs are packed with teenage angst, doubt, cockiness,  rage, confusion and drama.  But they are not literal and linear. Some are baffling and seem to have been as influenced by Dr Seuss (The Cat In the Hat) and Roald Dahl (Matilda etc) as by Kurt and Courtney.

Now, a 52 year old man saying that about a 15 year old female songwriter may appear patronizing and crap but those books are works of genius and help younglings understand the world and introduce grotesques and surrealism and feed the imagination – so I’m not (being patronizing).   It’s actually wonderfully refreshing that they are not singing in rock’n’roll cliches, and that’s why Skating Polly are absolutely brilliant and the most interesting underground rock band in the USA today.

Tour promo piece

Skating Polly are probably the best new band to come out of the USA for years…. near-perfect.  Hit-Girls with guitars and stories to tell.

Live in Salisbury 2016  

Skating Polly perform like hardened professionals, yet retain a jubilant sense of this-could-fall-apart at any moment.  They rock like the Pixies used to and friends compared them what they imagined seeing X-Ray Spex and the Slits in their early days would have been like.  I have tried to avoid labelling them ‘punk’ as that would associate them with the past, when they are the future.

Video round-up

Skating Polly leave me lost for words. They are just amazing. … they have made videos for all of the songs from their album and every one is a work of art.

So don’t miss them!


Tour dates and ticket links are here  

Official Website     

You-Tube Account with all their videos.  

All words by Ged Babey.

LOUD WOMEN Fest line-up announced!

We received nearly 300 applications from awesome grrrl bands and singing wimmin to play our Fest, so it was a gut-wrenching task to sift down to this final list … we’ve had to say no (this time, at least) to some amazing acts, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the final list the panel of Team LOUD WOMEN arrived at is the perfect mix of exciting, talented, new, beloved, varied, amaaaazing and above all LOUD WOMEN!

On the main stage:                     On the bar stage:

Hands off Gretel                               Sink Ya Teeth
Petrol Girls                                       Baby Arms
The Twistettes                                  Lilith Ai
Dream Nails                                      Gaptooth
GUTTFULL                                        Grace Savage
LIINES                                               Velodrome
PUSSYLIQUOR                                Lea Andrews
The Baby Seals
Party Fears
Beverley Kills

Earlybird £10 tickets are available NOW for a limited time only, from WeGotTickets

Hands Off Gretel