Out now from Delilah Bon (aka Lauren Tate of Hands Off Gretel), an #IWD2021 crowdmade video for single ‘I Don’t Listen to You’. Made of TikTok and Instagram submissions, the video celebrates women’s right to choose whatever the fuck they want to wear on their own bodies.

“The song began as a short empowering message for my TikTok fans. It blew up overnight with other 60K views and hundreds of fan made videos. My inbox filled up with girls begging me to release the full song, thanking me for the confidence the words gave them. I got to work and in 72 hours I produced an entire song. It was really an empowering moment for myself as a writer and producer knowing my words were so important for people. I told my fans “I want to see you strutting your stuff, screaming along with me, I want you to own your sexuality and give the middle finger.”

Remember friends: raising your sisters up with empowering messages is for life, not just for International Women’s Day ❤

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