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Three Fierce Feminist Factions

Review by Jas Robinson (from The Baby Seals)

With the Christmas party season firmly behind us, it’s safe to say that January is a difficult month to get right. Resolutions are at risk of being broken and that person you promised yourself you’d become hasn’t yet materialised. But, you know what? Fuck that. Use these three compilation albums to reassert yourself, KonMari the hell out of your music collection, remind yourself how to say ‘no’, and make you want to start (another) band.

With a change in how we consume music, compilation albums can revive that feeling of buying a CD, rinsing the fuck out of it, listening to songs you know and finding new gems. Like: when I bought ‘Now 34’ from a shop in Sunderland just so I could listen to The Spice Girls, but then discovered Bon Jovi and Belinda Carlisle.

So, yeah, just like that, but it’s 2019, and I’m kicking off with Hell Hath No Fury Vol 2 by Hell Hath No Fury Records. El Knight has compiled 18 bangers for our aural delight. Available now from Bandcamp for £4, of which 50% of proceeds will go to Future Festival 2019, a three-dayer close to Bristol with music and performances by trans and enby artists plus practical and political workshops and more! The album compliments perfectly. Tracks selected from artists such as Wolfgirl, Gender Chores, Colour Me Wednesday, Dream Nails, Big Joanie, Charmpit are definitely at the more political end of the spectrum. Listen carefully, and use these as your inspiration for 2019, create your own manifesto and don’t take any bullshit. Turn Big Joanie’s No Scrubs up to eleven and crack open your bullet journal during Dream Nails’ DIY.

HERESY by Ankara-based community, Chaos, I Am Your Mistress (CIAYM), opens with Secondhand Underpants single ‘Your Little Bitch’. If Barbara Stanwyck started a band, this is what it would sound like. This dark and head-banging opening track is bound to annoy neighbours, so make sure to play it LOUD and LATE. The digital album is available on Bandcamp for the devilish price of €6.66. Proceeds go towards supporting women and other marginalized genders in underground music. The album also features tracks from REVULVA, Cryptic Street and Twin Pigs. It’s worth emailing the address on the BC to request the CD, because then you get two extra tracks from GUTTFULL (The Power and That’s What He Said)!

Last, but not least, get your chops around Birds Of A Feather Vol 2 by Anthrax (UK). And before you ask, no, it’s not an album of duets by Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson with Lesley Joseph on the lute. Rather, it’s of the classic punk, head-banging-greatness variety. But, it’s loud, proud and inspiring, with tracks from Zombie Met Girl, Kiss Me, Killer, Bratakus, and loads more! Such a great offering from Anthrax (uk) on Grow Your Own Records, it’s out now on Bandcamp, as a digital album or CD. Don’t forget to hold it, embrace the joy and kiss it before putting it back neatly into its jacket.

So, there you have it. There’s enough here to keep you going for a few months. Go forth, find new favourites, enjoy the tracks you know and don’t forget smash the patriarchy.”

Read more by Jaz over at Halopygian Music.

video: Charmpit’s ‘Margot’

charmpitsA gorgeous new video for a gorgeous new song from our faves, Charmpit! It’s a song celebrating a brilliant little girl, who bassist Anne Marie cares for in her day job. The video makes nannying look hellafun!

The vid premiered on goldflakepaint.co.uk, where the band said:

“We wanted to write an anthem for all the parents and carers, to everyone who takes the time to explain to kids why the things they see don’t make sense, how and why our world is messy and imperfect, and what justice could look like. MARGOT is two years old and our punk muse: Margot is here to make friends AND to win, their creativity and curiosity keeps us dreaming.”

Big love to Charmpit, and the thoroughly awesome Margot.

Advent Galendar Window no. 6 – Charmpit

Who’s behind window number 6 of the LOUD WOMEN Advent Galendar?

Of course – it’s Charmpit!


Charmpit not only have the best band name of 2017, official, they play brilliant catchy pop songs. Like this one!

The duo have been gigging and touring furiously this year, and they released their debut EP, Jelly, which we love, and the brilliant Jelly Cleaver reviewed right here.

We can’t wait to see more ‘pit in 2018.


Charmpit: ‘Jelly’ – EP review

charmpitreview by Jelly Cleaver

Charmpit: ‘Jelly’ (EP)
DL/Vinyl (Keroline Records)
out now

I was instantly charmed by Charmpit’s latest EP ‘Jelly’, and not just because it’s named after me. In all seriousness, “Charmpit” is the perfect word to describe their style. Their lo-fi, unwashed pop punk sound and shout-in-your-face lyrics combine with an infectious optimism that makes you want to get up and dance around in a shower of sequins.

California natives, the trio formed in London last year for DIY Space’s First Timers festival, where the line-up consists just of newly formed bands, for what they perhaps thought would be their first and last performance. But it went so well that they decided to stay at it and release 2 EPs instead. The first one, ‘Snorkle’ was recorded in a shed, and ‘Jelly’ has that same garage band vibrancy. Singers Rhianydd and An

ne Marie’s vocals come at you in either ear with some hashed-out harmonies, wound around sparkly guitar sounds.


Their songs are happy fuck-you tunes about relationships, friendships and the odd bit of politics, but it’s never too serious. Pop is definitely a large part of their punk. They sneak a bit of High School Musical into ‘Vacation’, and their single ‘Buckfast My Heart’, which is a personal favourite track, they say was inspired by Britney Spears’ ‘Email My Heart’. For me it has the most interesting songwriting, starting off a bit like a 60s bubblegum pop love song, and being the only song much over the 2-minute mark. I’d be excited to hear more songs like this from them. My favourite line of theirs though was from ‘Margot’, which is about a baby fearing the horrors of capitalism:

“No such thing as a neoliberal baby, every baby is a natural born punk”

In interviews the band’s attitude is very much that their music is a work-in-progress, having only started playing at all last year, and they’re excited to see what the future might hold, discovering new worlds of touring and what guitar pedals do and whether they like them or not. But they definitely enjoy the ride, and they make you enjoy it with them.

Find Charmpit on Facebook and Bandcamp





International Women’s Day fun

by Cassie Fox

Our #IWD gig on Weds, co-hosted with Who Run The World, was SUCH a great night! Finally I get chance to sit down and say a few words about it, for those who couldn’t make it …

First of all, The Menstrual Cramps played their first gig, sounding as tight and confident as if they’d been playing together for years. They reminded me a lot of DREAM NAILS – heartfelt rage channelled through their music, and bloody catchy songs. Keep finding myself singing “Let My Bush Be Free” on the school run, oopsie.

mentrual cramps

Next up were our Buffycore BFFs The Potentials, who once again proved themselves to be DIY ‘scene not scenery’ to the max – they turned up early, brought a load of drum gizmos, and Zach also provided £££s worth of brand new DVDs he’d swiped from work. Then they played a blinding set! LOUD WOMEN hearts this band big time. Catch them again next weekend – LOUD WOMEN volume 1: album launch party


The Baby Seals returned to play their second LOUD WOMEN gig, and reminded us all why, at their first LW gig, several members of the audience were debating forming a record label right there on the spot in order to sign them. These chicks rule – the songs are strong and dancey and perfectly executed, and the lyrics make you howl with laughter. I had such fun dancing at the front with loads of great babes around me yelling along “He’s going to cum on her FACE!” It was like the best woke hen party ever. Love those seals.

Personal highlight of my own evening, as ever, was getting to do the raffle for the first time in ages. Don’t know why I love that so much but I really do! There were some excellent DVD + chutney prize combos won by lots of happy campers, and we helped top up the donations to Women’s Aid 

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Best raffle ever!

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Then finally, megababes Charmpit played their first headline show, and kicked the ass out of it! Spandex bikini-clad, they got everyone dancing with their infectious energy and humour. Their message at the end of the set was perfectly aligned with LOUD WOMEN’s core ethos: making music is fun and powerful, and *you can do it too* Hurray for Charmpit!

We’re still counting up the total raised on the night, as gremlins/the patriarchy seem to have crept in to Beth’s systems, but so far there’s £186 raised for Women’s Aid! I’ll update the total once we know more from WRTW.

8 March: The Baby Seals, Charmpit, The Menstrual Cramps & The Potentials

080317To celebrate International Women’s Day, a sisterly partnership between LOUD WOMEN and Who Run the World promotions.

All profits to Women’s Aid.

Doors 8pm
Tickets £6 online (no fees!) | £8 OTD






7 Oct 2016: The Empty Page | Dream Nails | Little Fists | Charmpit


A sisterly joint-promotion by Who Run The World and LOUD WOMEN, together offering a night of doubly-awesome women-led music, in aid of anti-austerity charities.

Part of the WE SHALL OVERCOME 2016 weekend


A trio of Mancunians writing songs with an infectious pop sensibility, layered with a healthy dose of fuzz and shot through with ‘grim up North’ poeticism.

Celebrating their 1 year band birthday – Dream Nails played their first gig at the We Shall Overcome gig last year, which was also the first ever LOUD WOMEN gig. So much to celebrate with our favourite punk witches!

Melodic guitar, sad lyrics, suddenly loud shouting and screaming … we love these fisty babes.

Pop Punk prom queens just trying to buy some weed.

Plus poetry, cake, raffle, snogging*, and MORE

Donations on the door to Women’s Aid – suggested minimum £5