video: Charmpit’s ‘Margot’

charmpitsA gorgeous new video for a gorgeous new song from our faves, Charmpit! It’s a song celebrating a brilliant little girl, who bassist Anne Marie cares for in her day job. The video makes nannying look hellafun!

The vid premiered on, where the band said:

“We wanted to write an anthem for all the parents and carers, to everyone who takes the time to explain to kids why the things they see don’t make sense, how and why our world is messy and imperfect, and what justice could look like. MARGOT is two years old and our punk muse: Margot is here to make friends AND to win, their creativity and curiosity keeps us dreaming.”

Big love to Charmpit, and the thoroughly awesome Margot.

One comment

  1. […] so many bands with female and queer members flourish and new ones pop up. We really love catching Charmpit live, they came from the amazing First Timers festival which also gave us the equally incredible […]


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