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LOUD WOMEN DIY GUIDES #4: How to Start a Music Podcast without Spending a Fortune 

Whether you are a busker, independent musician, solopreneur, songwriting freelancer, a 9-5 employee with a band that gigs in the evenings, or a music teacher at a school or in a home studio, you may have thought about starting your very own music podcast. There has been a boom in podcast listeners in the wake of the pandemic, and podcasts have become more mainstream in our digital lives. 

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LOUD WOMEN DIY GUIDES #3: How to Monetise Your Music

As an independent musician, you may not be privy to the vast opportunities to help get your music out there and earn an income at the same time. There are ways to seek out revenue from new, non-traditional sources. Here is a breakdown of some of the best ways that artists can monetize their music to maintain a successful music career.

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