Cassie Fox – Founder, London

Cassie Fox founded LOUD WOMEN in London, as a response to wanting to play gigs where her band weren’t the only women in the green room, and weren’t automatically put bottom of the bill because ‘women play more gently than men’. Formerly of The Wimmins’ Institute, GUTTFULL and Thee Faction, Cassie also plays in I, Doris. When she’s not running the London gigs and fests, she raises children and cats, edits books, and writes for Louderthanwar.

Cady Siregar – New York

Cady Siregar set up LOUD WOMEN’s NYC chapter at the end of 2018, first event planned for Feb 1st 2019! Superwoman Cady is a musician too – we met her though her awesome London band, Spare Rib – and she also edits Girl Fiend magazine.

Rynn Miller – Los Angeles

Rynn is starting our LA chapter LOUD WOMEN LA to combat the lack of representation for and to build more collaborations for women, non-binary. trans, and disabled people in the music community. Rynn is a non-binary/disabled/radio host/DJ/activist/drag performer who aims to support, collaborate, and connect with the community. LOUD WOMEN LA will be starting a monthly series of workshops and panels as well as a festival in June. Projects Rynn has been involved in include Post Apocalypse with DJ Zomb-E (radio show), Feminindustry (Podcast), Dame Grrrl (shows that highlight women, non-binary, and trans artists), Sounds for the Cause (benefit shows), and Quincy Dents (drag).

Elle Cee – Australia

Elle Cee, founder of our Australian chapter LOUD WOMEN OZ, is a musician, radio presenter and music journalist who has been involved in her local scene of Perth, Western Australia for over ten years. She currently plays in the band Cryot Girl and broadcasts on RTRFM 92.1. Contact Elle on

Kris Smith – New Music Editor, London

Our token man, Kris “Kris” Smith. Keeper of spreadsheets, knower of new bands.

Editorial Contributors

We welcome ezine and web contributions from all supporters, and we particularly like it when musicians review each other’s music! Get in touch with if you’d like to share some words, images or sounds with us and our growing global community of LOUD WOMEN.

Here are some of our beloved writers and reviewers:

For all those who support putting women on stage, and turning up the volume

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