For all those who support putting women on stage, and turning up the volume


Cassie Fox – Chief LOUD WOMAN

CassieWSOCassie founded LOUD WOMEN, as a response to wanting to play gigs where her band weren’t the only women in the green room, and weren’t automatically put bottom of the bill because ‘women play more gently than men’. Formerly of The Wimmins’ Institute, Cassie also plays in Thee Faction, GUTTFULL and (new for 2017) Doris. She raises children and cats, edits schoolbooks, and writes for Louderthanwar.

Kate Whaite – Deputy LOUD WOMAN

14You’re most likely to find Kate womanning the door of our regular gigs – her cheery smile and cheeky bants are legend. Kate is also a key essential lynchpinning fulcrum and get-stuff-done-maker behind the scenes of Team LW – particularly in the spelling department. Kate is an occasional but brilliant contributor to the LW ezine, and occasionally, brilliantly, hops on stage and sings like a goddess.


Kris Smith – New Music Editor

Martin by Keira Anee

Leggy husband of GUTTFULL‘s Moe, token man Kris plays in Tegan Christmas’ The Ethical Debating Society. He’s not just a pretty face though – Kris has an encyclopaedic knowledge of riot grrrl, which we’re so grateful to him for sharing with our ezine. A working parent (how does he do it?), Kris juggles the school run with his passion for feminist music, and clever little jackets.


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