With a tireless beat and animated vocals, Con Brio’s single ‘Traunch’ revives listeners from a soul slumber and reignites the spirit.

The rolling waves of guitar, bass, and sensual lyrics make ‘Traunch’ a gripping experience from beginning to end. Echo and reverberation are interwoven throughout, musically and vocally, crafting a powerful track that seems to be in constant ascension.  A song where time and space feel completely suspended, leaving you entrenched with an impassioned and unparalleled musical delivery.

In a little over five minutes, Con Brio never wavers in their hypnotizing musical outpour, showcasing the group’s phenomenal energy. After a single listen, it comes as no surprise that the seven-piece, Bay-Area based band has been performing for over a decade. You can absolutely hear it within their weaving synergy in ‘Traunch’ and across the entirety of their catalogue. Con Brio will be expanding that portfolio even further with a summer release of their new album entitled, Scream At It. Make sure to set a reminder, it’ll sure as hell be worth it.

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