Our Video of the Day today comes from alt-rock trio The Fae: debut single: ‘Chloe’.

The Fae is a new act from Dublin, Ireland that formed at the beginning of 2022. Their sound is a blend of indie, power pop, shoegaze, and alternative rock. 

‘Chloe’ is also the lead single from The Fae’s debut EP, Bloodrush, out September. 

”’Chloe’ is one of those songs that came together super quick, half as a joke and half as something to help a friend who had just split from her girlfriend.

I wanted to give some comfort to her and sort of say ”Hey, it’s alright, you know better”.

The audio clip at the start is her talking about the break up to another one of our friends, which we ended up recording by mistake while making a demo. Happy accident.”

Jordan (Guitar/Vocals) 

Find The Fae on: