Laced with La Faute’s velvety whisper vocals and passion-laden lyrics, ‘Watercolours’ inhabits a mystical sound space that lulls you to mesmerization and envelops you like a siren’s song.

Canada-born musician Peggy Messing’s solo project, La Faute (‘the mistake’ or ‘fault’ in French), aims to explore the ideas of depth and superficiality along with the tangled plethora of human emotion.  This track does exactly that.  In ‘Watercolours’, Messing induces a powerful level of intensity that’s further compounded by the track’s softness. This hushed tone makes the song a striking and otherworldly experience that grips the listener from start to finish.

The melody, composed of acoustic guitar, piano, and soothing percussion, makes this an overall calm phonic journey and a perfect addition to a rainy-day playlist.

The ‘Watercolours’ music video is also drenched in as much artistic talent as it is in rain. Expanding the exploration of the above motifs with vigour, this video adds even more layers to this complex track that you won’t want to miss!

La Faute’s ‘Watercolours’ is a single from the Blue Girl Nice Day album due for release on 26 May and I am extremely excited for some more transcendental tracks from this artist.

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