Today, duo Thandii release their debut album A Beat To Make It Better — written and produced all from their Margate studio.

Thandii consists of vocalist Jess Berry and percussionist Graham Godfrey, who together have a strong touring presence prior to the creation of Thandii.

Using a callback to past eras while incorporating their own vocals and beats, Thandii’s sound is truly a collage of influences. A Beat To Make It Better is built from these same traits, with the album opener ‘The End of The World,’ setting the scene for a hypnotic journey while experiencing the rest of the album.

“The album is beat-driven, putting ourselves in a hypnotic pocket.”

Graham Godfrey

Thandii also taps into personal experiences in A Beat To Make It Better. The only single to be previewed is ‘Give Me A Smile’, in which Jess showcases her outrage of being harassed during the making of the album. ‘Give Me A Smile’ is an anthem for anyone who has been told to put a smile on their face or who has ever been singled-out while walking home. Jess and Graham have a way of calling out the objectification many face while just simply living their lives.

Overall, A Beat To Make It Better is a solid debut album for Thandii and sets the duo up to keep creating a new space within the intersection of so many genres. Whether you enjoy Jazz, Garage Rock, Pop or even Psychedelic Soul, A Beat To Make It Better is sure to please.