Bursting with energy, humour, and irreverence, ‘Stupid Humans’ is the riotous new release from Cumbrian two-piece Voodoo Radio.

Reminiscent of British garage rock from the 2000s, their sound is raw and vibrant, and the song is packed-full of infectiously catchy hooks. With a punchy drum sound and thick bassy fuzz guitar, you’d be forgiven for thinking the group is made up of more than just two people – it is an impressive feat that they produce such a layered and full sound. The bold, rich vocals from the lead singer sound like they could be straight from a 70s hard rock band, and both complement and enhance the instrumentation. They also encapsulate the mood of the provocative yet playful lyrics as Voodoo Radio aggressively mock the mistakes of humanity.

The accompanying video also captures the essence of the music, a handmade and authentic film of the duo performing and jumping around the British countryside. A highlight is when we see the lead singer shouting furiously into the camera, covered in mud, and knelt in a dirty puddle – it’s a refreshing contrast to the highly polished and perfect nature of a lot of pop music videos and even social media. The video also features a double-necked guitar, which is always inarguably cool.

Stripped back and ferocious, Voodoo Radio prove they are the real deal and aren’t afraid to make a statement. Check out the video below!