‘Who Do We Not Save?’ is the brand-new single from outspoken Belfast rockers Problem Patterns.

This hard-hitting track and accompanying video outlines issues that will be relatable for most of us living in the UK at the moment, shining a light on the lack of funding for the NHS, Problem Patterns don’t beat around the bush on this one. But while this is a very real and serious issue, they deliver it with a great sense of humour and punk attitude that makes this so enjoyable. Complete with homemade props and instruments the music video is wonderfully DIY and charmingly executed. The band’s connection to one another is clear throughout the video and you can see the love and creativity that went into this.

The music itself, while fun and upbeat, has a real edge to it. The vocals are terrific – shouting, confrontational and slightly manic in the most perfect way. The singer’s energy is palpable and definitely makes you feel like you want to jump up and shout alongside the band. This song feels like a rallying cry for everyone feeling disaffected by the government, a call to action to shout out in protest rather than sit by idly.

“We’re one or two paychecks away
While they decide who they won’t save
You and I are collateral damage
We are all just collateral damage”

Problem Patterns

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