Girls Like Us join us TONIGHT at the Hope & Anchor – here's their 5 question interview as a taster!

How are you going to be celebrating International Women’s Day? 

Yusuf: Will probably start the day making pancakes for my wife and daughter. 

Johnny: Smashing the patriarchy and shaming transphobes. 

Or actually just supporting a bunch of awesome women performing at Babeslam in Margate. 

Amelia: Celebrating myself 

2 . What’s your manifesto?

Amelia: don’t be boring

Yusuf: Don’t leave shit on stage. Again 💔

Johnny: One rule to live by : don’t be a cunt. 

3. Tell us the best story behind your best song.

Amelia: Spoonfed. It’s very anti nepotism / the elite status & mindset of the upper class 

4. Pass the mic – who are your top 3 contemporary bands?

Yusuf: Otoboke Beaver, Big Joanie, The Muslims. 

Johnny: Pink Suits, Comeback Clit, Harmony Bo

5. Send us something pretty …