Loud, vulgar, vitriolic, tongue-in-cheek but also very fucking seriously not taking any of your bullshit – oh how we love Lambrini Girls. Phoebe, Lilly and Jack just dropped their latest punkrock rant ‘White Van’ – a sub-3-minute diatribe on those gruesome, archaic spectres that haunt our roads, the white van men. It’s our Single of the Week.

“A satirical take on catcalling, the story of being followed around in a white van. We’re taught, systemically, that it’s our sole responsibility to prevent our harassment. ‘What were you wearing?’ or ‘You shouldn’t have walked home by yourself’, implies your body in a public place is considered public property. If you do not modify your behavior in everyday life to protect yourself, then it’s your fault entirely. Instead of blaming us, maybe we should point the finger at Terry with his dick out behind the wheel and the system that has enabled his behavior for years.”

White van men were harassing me and my friends in the 90s – it’s preposterous that this is still happening to femme-presenting people in the 2020s. With Emily Atack’s brave and brilliant campaign against cyberflashers and online sexual harassment on the tip of everyone’s tongue right now, this song is further fuel to the pyre that toxic masculine violence is being thrown on. Burn it all.

The Lambrinis have announced a debut EP You’re Welcome out 19th May 2023 via Big Scary Monsters – “a collection of songs to empower those who have ever made to feel invalidated and overlooked” – as well as a headline UK tour for May/June. Can not wait!

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