Galloping magnificently into the world this week, ‘Ride or Die’ by our fave Brighton garagepoprock duo ARXX is our unbridled Single of the Week!

The duo say ‘Ride or Die’ is their favourite song they’ve ever written! [It’s definitely right up there with ‘Deep‘, IMHO]

“To us it’s about a lot of things, primarily it speaks about the kind of commitment and dedication to something you love, that means there is no possible or conceivable way that you would give up on it. In one breath it is an unapologetic celebration of queer love, and in the next breath it expresses the unwavering determination that we both hold for our band.”

Oh, my heart.

Just when we thought we couldn’t love these two any harder, they gift us this video which involves pals Hanni and Clara washing and riding some actual horses. It’s beautifully shot, and totally panders to those of us who always dreamed of having a talking horse for a best friend. [Um, what do you mean you haven’t had that dream?]

Anyway. Video of the year right here. Give that very good pony an extra sugarlump.

This is the title track from ARXX’s very hotly anticipated album, slated for 31 March. We are chomping at the bit for this tour too …