Out today, ‘Australia’s Lonelier’ is the exquisitely wistful title track of Madison Steinbruck‘s debut LP, which also just dropped. Soundtracking a move from Texas to Nashville, via Melbourne Australia, with a heartbreak on the way, this is a country song with just enough alt to send it galloping around the world.

“This song is how I came to terms with my life not going the way I thought it would. It was the start of accepting my own feelings rather than fleeing. It amazed me how I could pick up my entire life, move to another continent and disappear online, yet I still thought about this person all the time. I wrote [‘Australia’s Lonelier’] to let myself feel those emotions, because here I was in a foreign country with plans to have the best year of my life, and instead I was heartbroken and stuck in a house in the middle of a pandemic. It was so ironic and even though it was hard, there were good things that came out of it – like creating this album.”

Madison Steinbruck

Madison will be playing an album release show at The Basement in Nashville, TN on February 2nd

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