LOUD WOMEN favourites Feral Five just dropped today the title track of their upcoming album – ‘Truth is the New Gold’.

The song has been in live circulation for a while (even making an appearance at LOUD WOMEN’s birthday party back in October), and for good reason!

I have never described a track as ‘gripping’ before, but that is the word for ‘Truth is the New Gold’. It begins with the slow-build electronic intro, then those teasing opening lines, “It’s not on the map, it’s where the cars don’t go.” – I actually sat forward in my train seat I was listening so hard!

The hypnotic electro beats and melodies are beautifully twisted, giving the impression that something is off from the start (the suspense is real). When the warped yet powerful guitar enters into the mix it is a proper ‘chef’s kiss’ moment…just listen to the song, you’ll get what I mean!

“The Truth is the New Gold [is] a cutting track that explores truth and trust, both between people, and of information.”

Feral Five

Make sure you snag the whole album (available on vinyl, CD and digital platforms) on 10 February as well!

In the meantime, find Feral Five on: